With all the credit card offers out there these days it's tough to know if your really getting the right credit card. CreditCardShowdown.com made comparing top credit card offers easy, I was able to find the right credit card for me and apply online right away. Now I know I am using the right credit card for me, thanks CreditCardShowdown!
-Beth, Atlanta, GA
The interest rates on my old credit cards were killing me. There was no way I would ever pay off this debt. Then I heard about CreditCardShowdown.com. I checked out the top offers for 0%apr on balance transfers. Within seconds they found me the card that fit my needs. Now all the money I pay every month goes directly to my premium. I will be out of credit card debt by the end of the year!
Thank you

As a worried parent getting ready to send my only daughter away to college I wanted to find a credit card that was right for her as a student in case of an emergency. My friend at work told me about CreditCardShowdown.com, so I checked it out. They were able to show me top student credit card offers from industry leaders side by side, which made choosing the right one for our families needs a snap. Now I will be able to sleep a little better at night knowing my student has a great credit card in case she runs into any financial emergencies.
-Stacy W., Iowa
With these insane gas prices these days I was in the market for a gas rebate credit card. I wanted to find the one the would benefit me most with the highest rebate offer. I remembered my neighbor bragging about how creditcardshowdown.com hooked him up with this travel rewards credit card and he was already on his way to the keys. Anyway, so I thought i'd check it out, and sure enough I was glad I did. I found leading credit cards offering gas/fuel rebates and was able to apply right away. I got my card and have decreased my monthly fuel expense by 5%.


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